Ron Stoessell

Research Experience

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Ongoing environmental studies on denitrification and phosphate removal, using tracers to determine the source of saline fluids polluting ground water, determining the fate of lead near battery disposal sites, predicting the retardation factors of pollutants in ground water, and determining the hydrologic controls on the mixing zone and fresh-water lens and sea-water convection in the Yucatan.

Modeling studies of illite and chlorite stabilities with site-mixing models, the origin of subsurface brines and H2S in the Gulf Coast, the partitioning of Br between salts and fluids, water-rock interactions in the Yucatan and Barbados carbonate mixing zones with and without sulfate reduction (1980-1995).

Field studies of water-rock interactions and sulfur-redox reactions in surface mixing zones in carbonates in the Yucatan (1983-present) and Barbados (1989 and 1992), in the weathering of mafic rocks in Kenya (1975), in the formation of clay deposits in Nevada (1976), and in determining brine compositions in Mesozoic and Cenozoic reservoirs in the Gulf Coast (1984-1986).

Laboratory experiments determining the equilibrium conditions for dolomite-calcite and dolomite-magnesite in Na-Ca-Mg-Cl brines between 100 and 200oC (1983-1992), monitoring aluminum mobility resulting from feldspar dissolution at 100oC in organic salts and acids (1988-1989), and measuring the 25oC solubilities of sepiolite and kerolite (1976-1988), and the salting-out of methane in salt solutions (1979-1982).